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Saturday, March 11, 2017


I love Saturdays.

I know. Everyone loves Saturdays.  That's nothing new or earth-shattering, but it kept coming to mind today.  We had a lovely day of nothing.  A Saturday that was full of only what we wanted.  It was glorious.

hitting up the local, and amazing, donut shop
our breakfast of champs
off we go on our own ways

curled up with HGTV magazine
so much glossy goodness

Christmas money
burning a hole in his pocket
to the video game shop
scored the game he wanted

taxi driver
quality time with the boy

two older daughters
two heads bent together
stickers and paper and Youtube instructions

the littlest one
playing dolls
dressing her baby, preparing a bottle
cuddles and coos

to the kitchen at lunch time
poking into cupboards
the menu: make your own

the girls-cereal
the boy-a sandwich
me-melty cheese on chips
hubby-corned beef hash
or, Alpo in a dish

Oklahoma friends on Face Time
American Girl Dolls over the internet
guys watching basketball
and maybe the insides of eyelids
keeping the couch warm and held down

pulled out the school bag
the week planned out
Mr. Principal coming to observe
type up the ol' lesson plan
excellent Saturday fun
or not...but at least it's done

new recipe time
waited all week
new chicken recipe
kids turning up noses
nothing unusual there
sweet and spicy chicken
Italian brown sugar chicken
rice and fruit on the side
turned out great
kids ate like champs

ice cream from the local shop
ordered in the bitter cold
shivered as we ate

Saturday comes to an end
Sunday Funday up next
it's all good


  1. Looks like you are making the most of your weekends! Enjoy!!

  2. For a lovely day of nothing, you all sure did a lot! Make your own lunches will be on the menu here tomorrow, I believe.

  3. What a great way to recount the day and notice how each attends to their needs and wants. In your busy house there's always something going on.

  4. Love this chronicle of a glorious Saturday at your house! And the make your own lunch menu sounds delightful, as does your new chicken recipe.

  5. Sounds perfect. Everyone winning at your house.