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Tuesday, March 14, 2017


The mind of a five year old is an interesting thing. 

As we drove to school last week, when the weather was fairly warm, my kindergarten sidekick started a line of questioning about the weather.

Avery: Mom, when will it be hot outside?
Me: It will be a while yet. It's still winter right now.  Then we will have spring and then summer, when it's hot.
Avery: But its kinda warm right now, so it's spring now.
Me: Well, it is a little warmer right now than it usually is, but it's still winter for a little longer.
Avery: Oh.

Three miles later.

Avery: Will it snow today?
Maddie (eight year old sister): No, it's too warm for snow today.  I saw the weather this morning. It's not going to snow at all this week.
Avery: BUT MOOOOOOOOM (go ahead, say it with inflection, you know that sound)!!!!  I didn't even get to make a snowman this year!
Me: [and this is my fault how?] Well, sweetie, remember when I told you that it's still winter? Just because we aren't getting snow this week doesn't mean we won't get more this year.
Avery: Are you sure?
Me: I'm not sure if we will get more snow or not, but we could!
Avery: Then I'm going to make a snowman when we get more snow.
Me: That sounds like a good plan!

Ten days later.

Avery: Mom! Mom! Mom! It's snowing outside! [jumping up and down]
Me: It sure is!  And, guess what? It's going to snow all day!
Avery: Whoa!  That's a lot of snow!
Me: Yep! Probably a few inches. Maybe you can go build that snowman you wanted to make!
Avery: No, I don't want to anymore.
Me: [sigh]

At least she keeps me on my toes.


  1. This is adorable. I could hear voice all through the conversation. What fun you must have with that cutie-pie!! :)

  2. Such excitement! And yet - interests change so quickly at that age. I love your side commentary for us readers - so relate-able.

  3. Got a chuckle out of this one😊. I love how you structured it. Your story moved as you were driving and as you transitioned to the snow day. Great use of voice when you shared your "thought bubbles"

  4. What a great slice! I love how you captured the conversation (along with your thoughts)!

  5. She is a sweetheart and I'm betting this conversation could occur a few more times. UGH! I had to laugh a little today seeing her in the hall. I saw this little smiley girl waving like crazy at me. I thought, who is that (my almost 40 year old eyes are not what they used to be). When I finally got close enough, I waved. So happy that little face.