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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sunday Funday

My teacher bag was enormous this weekend.  Well, if I'm going to be honest, it wasn't just a bag.  It was two large bags and a tub.  To say I had a lot to do was a bit of an understatement.  However, I knew I didn't want to spend all day Sunday working on it, so while my hubby took the kids to a movie on Saturday, I got down to work.  I was able to get everything done so that today I was free to do as I pleased.  I mean, as much as any mom can do as she pleases.  A mom's work is never done, but we had a nice day anyway!  Check out our Sunday Funday!

I went out early and did the grocery shopping so that it would be done and out of the way.  When I returned, the dining room table had been converted into Barbie's dream house.  My youngest two girls were having a ball together.

Next, it was reading time.  My youngest pulled the leveled books out of her reading folder and read me two books.  She's really come a long way this year and I just love to cuddle up and listen to her read.  She's found a confidence in herself that is very satisfying...as her mom and her teacher!

Once she was finished with the required reading...we dug into the new book order book pile! Gotta love Peppa, Pigeon, and Fly Guy!

Then it was on to games with my third grader.  She chose Battleship.  I've always enjoyed this game and remember playing it with my parents.  I always like the challenge of trying to guess how someone might configure their ships.  We played two games and each won one.

By then, it was time to start the preparations for dinner.  I enjoy cooking but don't have a lot of time during the week for elaborate meals, so when I can spend a little extra time on the weekend, I jump at the chance!  Today's menu? Lasagna!  I've been trying to tweak my recipe a little, so I tried some adjustments today and hit the jack pot!  Best lasagna I have ever made, even if I do say so myself.  ;)

As I was layering everything in the pan, movement outside the window caught my eye.  There was a large, chocolate lab wandering around in our backyard.  Our neighbors don't have dogs, so I knew this one had traveled a little ways.  My husband went outside to see if it had a tag.  It was wearing a collar but no tag.  She was a nice old dog.  She had big brown eyes and a little gray hair on her face.  She sat, she would lay down, she rolled over for belly rubs, and she would even shake!  She was obviously someone's dog and we were sure they were missing this sweet girl.  We stayed outside on the porch with her for quite a while.  No one came by looking for her.  We tried calling animal control to get her so she wouldn't get hit by a car but apparently they don't work on the weekend. (say what?) So, we got her some water, put down some blankets for her to lay on, and she hung around our porch for a couple hours.  She even stayed through dinner.  We posted her picture on our Facebook pages and the local buy and sell page.  Luckily, the owner happened to see our picture and realized that their sweet dog wasn't in the back yard like they thought!  They live one street over and came looking for her right away.  They were happy to get their sweet Bella back and we were happy to see her reunited with her family.

It was a good day! And now, after cleaning up the kitchen, it's almost time for The Walking Dead, my Sunday night guilty pleasure.  So, I'm going to go gather my cold drink, hop into my pajamas, and curl up with my fuzzy blanket on the couch.  Just a little more relaxing before Monday's reality begins.


  1. Wow! You were able to accomplish so much! I love that you spent a little special time with each of your kids. AND you rescued someone's pet! You are truly amazing.

  2. What a Sunday! You packed in so much and even rescued a dog! Enjoy your relaxation now ...