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Thursday, March 9, 2017

I think I will stop blinking!


It's happening people! My sweet faced little boy is turning into a young man.
I don't know when exactly he got so old.
I don't know when exactly he started looking eye to eye with me.
I surely don't know when he started to be able to see the top of my head.

My sweet faced little boy has a meeting tonight.
A high school meeting.
We are going to learn about scheduling classes, what it's like to be a high school student, and how to be successful as a high school student.

I'm sure I will understand all of the requirements.
I know I will be able to make sense of laying out his class schedule and plugging in electives.
I'm not so sure I will understand how and when this all happened. 

I think I will stop blinking.



  1. They grow so fast! I can't believe how different my 9th graders look from the beginning of the year to now! Boys especially grow so much at this age!

  2. These kids grow up so quickly. Those first years go slowly, but once they're in school, it feels like time whizzes by.

    Good luck with this next stage of motherhood!

  3. Don't blink! Enjoy every moment! Embrace the idea that he is getting older. There are so many great times as they get older. I love the fact that my daughter is an adult, building a business, married, and I definitely love the fact that now I can be a grandparent. Who would have thought that I would love it so much? I only wish that I could have enjoyed these adult moments with Trent.