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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

I can't believe it's been ten years...

I'm sending you balloons today
floating up to celebrate

I can't quite believe it's been ten years
since I've heard your voice
or felt your hug

I hope you have a heavenly celebration today
filled with stories and laughter

I can just imagine your request
to gather around a bonfire
and maybe roast some hotdogs

You probably asked for a cold beer
do they have that up there?

I bet you have a red fast car somewhere near
and probably a few friends
to watch you blow out your candles

At some point I know you will say
It just doesn't get any better than this

And I hope that is true
that your heavenly birthday is special
just like you

Happy Birthday Dad!


  1. I'm pretty sure they have "cold ones" up there at least that is what I am going with. While reading this I could see that he was a genuine man and someone I would like to hang out with. Those anniversary dates are definitely difficult but its important to celebrate their time on Earth with you. So, I say "Cheers to your dad"

  2. I'm sure your dad is looking down on you smiling. It's so hard to get through these kinds of days -- despite the passage of time -- when all we want to do is see that person again.

  3. Love <3
    I'm sure he saw your balloons while celebrating. It's always hard to believe how much time passes after defining moments like this one.