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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Tuesday Tunes

I was able to watch my girl up on stage tonight.  Life is so sweet sometimes.  There she was in her fancy dress, picked for tonight with great care, and her special tights, and shiny black shoes.  She looked so precious.  It's hard to remember she's eight sometimes!

The third grade performed several songs this evening for parents.  Each class took turns playing the instruments and/or dancing to the songs being shared. 

The "Treble Makers" group, a small ensemble of third grade musicians who have put in a little extra work outside of the school day, performed two songs as well.  My girl stood up there with her special group and she had the biggest smile.  She was so proud!

The kids were all amazing and they did such a great job -- it was a lot of fun to watch.  I think we are fortunate to have a music program with a music teacher that goes this extra mile for our students. I'm lucky to have my children in this district.  It was an evening to be proud, to celebrate my girl, and to enjoy our district and what we have to offer.

Rock on third graders! You were amazing!

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  1. OH YAY! I'm glad it was great. I was sad I had to miss it. They have been so excited. Hard to imagine our kiddos are growing up.