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Friday, March 24, 2017

One Of Those Days

On a typical day, my older two kids come to my classroom when they get out of school, which is about an hour before I get out of school.  They hang out and do homework until their two little sisters and I are finished for the day.  Today was one of those days.

I will say, if I'm being honest, this is not my favorite time of day.  Don't get me wrong.  I love my kids very much, but I am still working during this time of day and my children sometimes, even at 11 and 13, forget this fact.  Then, when the younger two join the party after school, it can get a little crazy.  Today was one of those days.

I love the days when they all go their separate ways and have things they want to do in the classroom.  Those are peaceful, relaxed days when I can wrap up what I'm working on and pack what I will take home and probably not take out of my bag that evening.  Today was NOT one of those days.

Today, the bickering started almost immediately upon seeing each other.  I know they love each other and they enjoy being together sometimes.  They can laugh together and play games together and even help each other from time to time.  But they are normal siblings who bicker sometimes also.  Today was one of those days.

Until we got into the car.

Today was a rare 74 degree March day in Michigan.  It was sunny, breezy, and warm.  It was just beautiful!  Once we got into the car, we put the windows down a bit and that is when the magic happened.  All of the sudden, there were fingers fluttering in the air coming in the window.  There were happy giggles coming from three little girl mouths.  There was a happy teenage boy kicked back in the seat and loving the wind in his face.  Things went from bickerville to pleasantville.  It was lovely!  Today was one of those days.

It could have been a long, irritable ride home.  But it wasn't.  Instead, I listened to the girls laughing at the tickles from the wind, laughing at the hair blowing around their faces, and laughing at each other. Today was one of those day.

"Hey Mom! Guess what?"


"The wind feels like whipped cream in my hand! Except it's not wet."

This caused another ripple of laughter and a few small hands up next to the window trying to feel the whipped cream air.  I guess you just never know what one of them will say next.  Today was one of those days.

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  1. I love reading your posts about your kids because it brings back so many memories of my kids. The part of the day you dread the most because you are still working. When the kids showed up after school let out... always wanting something... To go to Tim's with their friends, money for the snacks, to play on the computers, to walk around town, to have a friend over, to complain about something that happened that day,etc.... endless wanting... then the bickering with each other... all while trying to keep law and order with a classroom full of 1st graders who were just waiting to get out of control. I can totally relate. Thanks for the walks down memory lane :)