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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Sleep...or wishful thinking

My husband has been out of town since yesterday and won't return until later this week.  This happens a couple of times each year for work conferences.  I have come to realize that I can handle these small stretches of single parenthood just fine. Don't get me wrong! It's not easy and I'm so very thankful that it isn't my norm, but I CAN handle it when I need to.

The routine changes on these days.  Normally, he takes the older two kids to school before he heads to work because they are on the earlier start time.  I follow behind him with the younger two kids, about 45 minutes later because we start on the later start time.  At the end of the day, I play taxi and run kids wherever they need to go, attend whatever meetings/concerts that are on the calendar, manage making or purchasing dinner, taking baths/showers, and checking homework.  True, the household chores might not get done like usual.  The house might be a little messier.  The kids might even miss a bath one night.  But, we all make it just fine.

I can organize myself so that I can manage the details just fine.


I can not sleep when he is gone.
I can not get comfortable.
I can not get warm and cozy.
I can not stop tossing and turning.
I can not stop opening my eyes every hour.
I can not sleep when he is gone.

None of the organizing, managing, or anything else can help that little problem.

So if you see me this week, please pretend you don't see those dark patches under my eyes.  They will go away again next week once I can sleep again.


  1. We can be so strong and so weak all at the same time. Thanks for a beautiful reminder.

  2. Did you always have people around your house growing up? I had 6 siblings, mom and dad living at home when I was younger so there was always someone around. After I got married there were times my husband would go out of town and I would not be able to sleep either!

  3. It's funny that is so true. When my husband is around all the time I think about just having some time alone but when he isn't there I have the same problem of not being completely comfortable. After 27 years I wouldn't expect anything less.